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Brady's 10th Birthday - A Minecraft theme

06/07/2014 02:48
Brady turned 10 on April 28th.  He wanted to have a minecraft theme party.  I had told him this would be his last big birthday party and I wanted to make it memorable for him because of that and also because he's had a hard last couple of years being picked on by classmates.  So he...

Altered Paperclips Swap

06/07/2014 02:18
I joined another swap this time for altered paperclips.  Another first for me.  I signed up for three categories...Flowers, Halloween and Beach/Summer theme.  This swap took awhile for me to decide what I wanted to do.  Flowers was pretty easy.  But the Beach and Halloween...

My Happy Place

06/07/2014 00:33
I've been lucky enough to always have a scrap room.  But after oogling for years some of peoples' craft spaces, I was so envious.  There are some beautiful scrap rooms out there... my all time favorite was a shed that a husband had built for his wife and she turned it into a scrap studio....

Twinchie Swap

06/07/2014 00:23
My next swap was a Twinchie swap.  Never heard of them before I signed up for this...  What's a twinchie you ask?  Well, it's a 2x2 cardstock paper that you embelish to what the theme is.  I signed up for three categories.. retro kitchen, favorite book, and Paris.  The swap...

My First 2Peas Swap

06/07/2014 00:01
The very first swap I joined was called a Betty Swap.  This swap was a Spa related theme.  You had to come up with a favorite spa recipe, ie... bath bombs, chap stick, etc..  I did a Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub.  So easy to make.  We had to design recipe cards for all 24...

Two Peas Ornament Exchange

05/07/2014 22:51
I joined Two Peas nine years ago...  I would look through the gallery, lurk on the general scrapping board, but I posted mostly to the NSBR (non scrap book related) board.  I "met" tons of great ladies, received lot of advice, support, encouragement and had some good times.  I was...

Love is in the Details April Crop

05/07/2014 22:34
My friend, Lori, owns Love is in the Details.  It's a scrapbook store, brick and mortar, but also an online store with her blog, gallery and a forum.  Every year she hosts two big weekend crops.  One in the spring and one in the fall.  They are my favorite, favorite crops to go...

21/02/2014 08:36

Christmas in Florida

04/01/2014 20:42
We decided to go to Florida for Christmas this year.  And we decided, or more I decided, that we would drive there.  I got the "huh?" when I said let's take the van!  So I had to talk Mr. M into how fun it would be.  See, I hate to fly, with a passion.  Am scared shitless...

Braydon's Room

06/10/2013 11:16
I've decided that this is the year to paint the interior of my home.  Room by room.  I started with my son's bedroom.  He is a huge Jets fan and also is addicted to Mindcraft.  So I wanted to incorporate a bit of both into his room.  I chose a light blue, almost looking...
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