Brady's 10th Birthday - A Minecraft theme

06/07/2014 02:48

Brady turned 10 on April 28th.  He wanted to have a minecraft theme party.  I had told him this would be his last big birthday party and I wanted to make it memorable for him because of that and also because he's had a hard last couple of years being picked on by classmates.  So he invited 9 boys and only 6 could come.  I turned the daycare room into a minecraft room.  We had the boys over and we went to play lasertag first.  The kids had a blast and well so did us adults!

my friend, Kim was there to help out...

and I had to get in on the fun too.. 

Then we went back to our place for pizza and cupcakes that I made to have some minecraft fun.  I made minecraft targets and the boys used Nerf guns to shoot at them.

I did up a table of minecraft snacks

made minecraft cupcakes and placed them in plastic wineglasses and in the bottom I stuffed gummy worms.  Kids loved them!

Brady opened his presents and got a lot of great things..

Then the boys played minecraft tournatments..

They slept over and stayed up way too late, but had tons of fun.  Parents picked them all up by noon the next day.. I made these as loot bags

and filled them with a bunch of stuff including these minecraft keychains that I made

Brady loved everything and said it was the best birthday ever!  Which is great because I won't be doing it again LOL  It was a crazy amount of work and it was his last big party, so went out with a bang.  Next year, the limit is two friends and none of this handmade crafty stuff.. mama needs a break!