Braydon's Room

06/10/2013 11:16

I've decided that this is the year to paint the interior of my home.  Room by room.  I started with my son's bedroom.  He is a huge Jets fan and also is addicted to Mindcraft.  So I wanted to incorporate a bit of both into his room.  I chose a light blue, almost looking like "ice" and then the bottom part of his room in a smokey blue that is one of his favorite team's color.  The middle strip I used chalkboard paint.   I then bought him a few Mindcraft posters and put them up.


Above his bed is a picture of his late father.  Brady lost his father when he was 2 to cancer.  Even though I am remarried now and my husband has become an amazing father to my son, I want to keep a part of Brady's biological father in his life.  Brady doesn't remember him at all.  But he loves looking at his pictures.  Hanging this picture above his bed lets him know that his father is always watching down on him and is his guardian angel.


I picked up a Jets blow up chair last Christmas for him.  He also has a Jets pennant that hangs above his tv.


I still need to do some things.  I'm looking for the right curtains.  Also, the boy is growing non stop and needs a double bed now.  There's a great one at IKEA we spotted.  It's kind of like a bunk bed, but there's no extra bed on the bottom.  We want to get him a futon to put underneath.  That way gives seating yet can pull out for when he has a buddy sleepover.


So for now, here's the paint job.  Will post more photos when the room is complete.  I am happy with it and even more importantly, my son loves it.