Two Peas Ornament Exchange

05/07/2014 22:51

I joined Two Peas nine years ago...  I would look through the gallery, lurk on the general scrapping board, but I posted mostly to the NSBR (non scrap book related) board.  I "met" tons of great ladies, received lot of advice, support, encouragement and had some good times.  I was inspired perusing through the gallery and never thought I was as good as most of those ladies.  So I never posted on the general scrapping board.

Last Christmas, on NSBR, a member hosted a Christmas Ornament Exchange.  I signed up.  I had to send an ornament that was local to another Pea as a secret sister.  I went out and bought three ornaments... one of a blown glass polar bear, another of a Mountie and one that was hand crafted with a beautiful saying on it.  I packaged them up pretty, filled the box with Canadian chocolate, candy and munchies and shipped it off with a card inside the box revealing who I was.  A thread was kept going of the Peas who rec'd their ornaments, showing pictures and thanking their secret sister.  The one I sent to, posted on the thread that she was at work, but her DH said the package arrived and that she would open it when she got home.  Never heard from her.  She never came back to the thread again to thank me or even send me a peamail.  I spent $50 on her and paid $30 in shipping and she didn't have the courtesy to thank me or even to say she liked them or hated them.  I was so disappointed!  

The Secret Sister that had me was fantastic.  She sent me two ornaments from her State of California.  So cute, they screamed California and I LOVED it!  


My secret sister was Jeanette, who hosts a lot of swaps on the Swap Board.  She invited me over to join in... which I did and so glad that I did join up!